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Secret Agent Society (SAS)

We run the Secret Agent Society (SAS) group program!
Click here to check out the SAS flyer.

Groups are set up regularly where we match your child to similar children, to ensure that that the group is tailored to your needs. Groups run all year round and start when enough children are on the waitlist for a specific age group.

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) Social Skills Training Program aims to improve the social skills and emotional understanding of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a range of other presenting concerns. The Program provides a fun, engaging and non-threatening environment for a small group of children.

Research shows that children who have completed the SAS program show significantly greater improvements in social skills and emotion regulation at home and at school than children who received treatment as usual for the two-month intervention period, and treatment gains were maintained five months after the program ended. Research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program for a range of ages and social and emotional difficulties in children.

The SAS Program includes step-by-step formulae for targeted socials skills, specifically aimed at:

  • Understanding that emotions exist on a continuum (rather than being “all or nothing” phenomenon)
  • Identifying emotions from physical body clues
  • Identifying simple and complex emptions (e.g. embarrassment, confusion, teasing / sarcasm, boredom) in others from face, body, voice and situational clues
  • Coping with feelings of anxiety and anger
  • Understanding what it means to be a good friend
  • Talking and playing with others
  • Coping with making mistakes, changes in routine and feelings of confusion or uncertainty
  • Solving social problems
  • Distinguishing accidents and friendly jokes from intentional nasty deeds
  • Dealing with bullying and teasing

To enquire please send us an email of interest at info@stepforth.org to arrange a consultation so we can meet you and your child and start the matching procedure. Please note that if you are on NDIS, costs of the program are usually covered in your funding allocation, please speak to us to confirm payment options.

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