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Carly's Philosophy

My passion in clinical psychology lies in Post-Traumatic Growth and Positive Psychology, the idea that there can be much gained through adversity and trauma by building on your values and strengths. Through overcoming hardship and finding the value in your life, you can rebuild and recreate yourself and your life.

The reason I’ve chosen to focus on this area in my work, is because it’s been my own lived experience through cancer.

Often in psychology, we talk about fixing things or about stopping unwanted behaviours; needing to change ourselves. The focus is on aspects of our lives or emotions that we want to get rid of or that we want changed. I work within a framework where rather than trying to stop or stamp out the negative behaviour, we look at approaching a life we want, one where we design and tailor our goals and behaviour to match those that we aspire to.

Each person and each life is unique and individual and therefore each approach needs to be specifically tailored to them. I work within a transformational model, where I teach you skills to approach a life that energizes you, one where you wake up excited for the day ahead, one where you are actively engaged in choosing your life. Through self-awareness and identifying your values you are able to not just survive , but you can carve out a life where you thrive.

Carly's Story

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone who gets it. Someone who has a similar lived expereince to you. In some models of psychology lived experience is encouraged and research is starting to provide a solid foundation to suggest that shared expereince is beneficial to therapy.

For me, it was when I had to face something I did not want to - a cancer diagnosis - that I learnt about what I valued. It was through adversity and trauma that I carved out a life that I love. It was through learning how to survive that I taught myself to thrive. Through my experience of life-threatening illness - being diagnosed with breast cancer - I learnt more about myself, others, the world, life and how to live it. And it is through my experiences, my own self-belief, vulnerability and self-awareness in combination with my knowledge of psychology, that I gained tools for success that I want to pass on to others.

I have my own lived experience of how hard change is, how hard it can be to live with a chronic illness, and because I know what it is like to be in the patient role, I have a unique perspective to offer. I’m here to help you survive, and even better, I’ll help show you how to thrive.

For me, in my life, in my training, in my experience, the mind has always been my most powerful asset. It is the key to shaping all behaviours and guiding our expereinces.

Somehow, after a life-altering diagnosis, I came out the other side with clear scans and I turned my life around in the process. I am the happiest, healthiest version of myself I’ve ever been. In a weird way, I have a complex illness to thank for it. That’s where post-traumatic growth comes in.

The thing was that I was better than I had been before my diagnosis. I had developed the skills of a survivor, I had gained strength, resilience and confidence. I was, for myself, experiencing Posttraumatic Growth. I had not just recovered, but found benefit and gained something from the experience. Traditional models of psychology encourage a return to previous levels of functioning following a stress or trauma. Posttraumatic Growth explores a whole new field, finding benefits that occur in one’s ability to adapt to sets of circumstances that typically engender high levels of psychological distress.

This is something that I want everyone to be able to experience. Through overcoming hardship, you can rebuild and recreate yourself and your life. Maybe even for the better. This is my story and I believe there is power in sharing it with you. There is connection to be made through similar lived experiences, and there is power in being vulnerable and articulating our experiences. Through being vulnerable I learned I was not weak, but that I was strong. It gave me the ability to break my life down into what really mattered, so that I could build it back up again. We can all live a more meaningful life, one where we are connected to ourselves, where we identify our values and live with more intent.

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