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My Philosophy

My passion in clinical psychology lies in Post-Traumatic Growth and Positive Psychology, the idea that there can be much gained through adversity and trauma by building on your values and strengths. Through overcoming hardship and finding the value in your life, you can rebuild and recreate yourself and your life.

The reason I’ve chosen to focus on this area in my work, is because it’s been my own lived experience through cancer.

Often in psychology, we talk about fixing things or about stopping unwanted behaviours; needing to change ourselves. The focus is on aspects of our lives or emotions that we want to get rid of or that we want changed. I work within a framework where rather than trying to stop or stamp out the negative behaviour, we look at approaching a life we want, one where we design and tailor our goals and behaviour to match those that we aspire to.

Each person and each life is unique and individual and therefore each approach needs to be specifically tailored to them. I work within a transformational model, where I teach you skills to approach a life that energizes you, one where you wake up excited for the day ahead, one where you are actively engaged in choosing your life. Through self-awareness and identifying your values you are able to not just survive , but you can carve out a life where you thrive.

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