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What happens at my first consultation?

The first consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss the reason that you want an appointment, to discuss your current situation and any goals that you might have already identified. It gives us a chance to get to know you and understand how we can best offer our services to you. We will then work together on developing a plan for therapy and schedule in future appointments. During your first consultation it is likely that we will give you some exercises to take away and to think about before our next consultation.

What will I need for my first consultation?

Prior to your initial consultation you will need to have paid your fee for that session. For prices, please consult the fees & rebates section. It is recommended that you also send through any referrals or information that you have from other health professionals that may assist in meeting your desired goals. You will need to have your device connected to the internet.

How many consultations will I need?

This is dependent on the individual. We recommend anywhere from 10-14 sessions. However, every one works through things at their own pace. You may need more or less sessions depending on your specific goals. It is recommended that you schedule a series of appointments at the beginning of therapy to get you into a regular routine or habit of attending consultations. It also means that the time is predictable for you and you will be able to manage your schedule around your appointments. Booking sessions in advance will also mean that you will avoid missing out on your preferred time.

Can I re-schedule or cancel an appointment?

You can reschedule or cancel an appointment with a minimum of 24 hours notice. However when appointments are not attended or are cancelled without 24 hours notice this means that other clients miss out on places, and that time and effort that has been dedicated towards you is then wasted. Therefore we have a strict cancellation policy that will be adhered to. Where possible more than 24 hours would be greatly appreciated.

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