Who benefits from a psychologist?

To properly answer this question, let’s start off with who is a psychologist? A psychologist is someone who is professionally trained in the science of how people think, feel, behave and learn.

So, with this definition, it means that anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how their thoughts or feelings impact on their decisions, behavior and coping styles could benefit from seeing a psychologist. With a better understanding of who we are, our unique perspective on the world and what motivates and drives us towards certain choices and behaviours (desirable or not), we are able to make more meaningful decisions. In turn, this allows us to learn from patterns of our past behavior and shape and change future behaviours allowing us to seek growth. So, who can benefit from seeing a psychologist? Anyone.

There is often a lot of stigma associated with going to a psychologist because people think its means there is something wrong with them. This is something that is slowly changing, as awareness of mental health is becoming better understood and more valued by society. Mental health is not tangible, meaning we cannot touch it, so in the past it has often been undervalued. In fact, often people who have attended therapy were seen as weak or crazy and to a degree still are. It’s much easier to go seek help for a broken leg because you can physically see the pain and distress this is causing. Often because we can’t see what is happening inside someone’s mind, it is much more difficult to ask for help with thoughts and emotions. Many of us may have grown up under the impression that emotions should be swept under the rug, but silencing ourselves is one of the worst things we can do – this is often what results in more emotional struggle. Working through our thoughts and feelings or past hurt and trauma is the best way to move through difficult times in our life, so that we can live our lives now.

In the same way that physical exercise strengthens our muscles and will help us repair our broken leg, looking after our mind gives us mental strength and clarity and can heal emotional hurt. Therapy can help you understand and overcome difficulties from the past and develop effective coping strategies for moving into the future. It can also go even further, helping someone to define their values, goals and purpose in life, giving them clarity and confidence to seek what they want from life. In therapy, you are provided with a safe space to explore your emotions, thoughts and behaviours and learn skills to better manage these and fully embrace the life you want to live. 

So then, who benefits from a psychologist? Anyone could, as long as you are open to the process and willing to be honest and vulnerable with yourself. Yes, Psychologists can assess, diagnose and treat mental illness or deal with past pain and trauma, but you don’t need to fall into this category to want to understand yourself better and get more from yourself and your life. Many successful people engage in therapy to get a better understanding of themselves and how they can maximize their potential and improve their successes. In fact, those that benefit the most of therapy are those who do not fear it, but they embrace it. And that is what we are all about at Stepforth, embracing our best selves and empowering you to reach your goals!

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