Do psychologists help? Does it really work?

Psychologists take evidence-based therapies and help you implement these into your own life. Evidence-based practice is an approach to care that integrates therapies backed by research, clinical experience and your values. Psychology is well known for its problem-solving techniques to overcome issues like depression, anxiety and addiction.  However, you don’t need to have a mental illness to see a psychologist. You may simply want more from life, help to change career paths, the motivation to loose the last 5 kilos or support going through the transition to becoming a parent.

That means psychologists have tried and tested therapies available to you, which means you can start living a more effective life, whatever your current circumstances. But, it means that for therapy to work, you have to put in the effort. This means being both accepting of the support being offered and taking responsibility to implement the strategies that are recommended to you.

The common factor is YOU. If you are willing to do the work, then psychology can be an extremely effective way of improving your current circumstances. So yes, psychologists have lots of evidence-based therapy they can offer and yes they can help.

So, what can psychology help with? Traditional psychology has mostly been involved in treating mental illness, trauma, suffering and pain. This is where some of the stigma comes from. However, modern branches of psychology, for example positive psychology, founded by Martin Seligman starts to focus on maximising happiness, well-being, strengths and flourishing for everyone. We can all benefit from emotional wellness in our daily lives, so you don’t have to have gone through a life altering experience or extreme trauma to see a psychologist.

That means regardless of who you are and where you are at in life, there are so many benefits you can gain from seeing a psychologist. You don’t have to have a mental illness to benefit from psychological services.

So what are some of these benefits?

  • Unbiased advice. While friends give us great advice and plenty of it, they also might be a little biased. Psychologists can offer unbiased advice from an outside perspective, which can help us see things in a whole new light.
  • You know you aren’t alone. Seeking help and working with a psychologist often will highlight that you aren’t alone and that many other people have felt the exact same way before you. Psychologists provide a safe, genuine and supportive environment to successfully open up your thoughts and feelings. Even just being able to vocalize yourself and being heard can be a huge weight off your shoulders.
  • Develop a new perspective. Psychologists can shed light on your concerns and help you to gain new perspectives on the issues and fresh ways to handle situations.
  • Learn to think differently. Psychologists can help to give you skills and strategies that will help you to rewire some of your thought patterns to help you get more out of life.
  • Gain new skills. Psychologists can help you to develop new skills like assertiveness, habit changes, problem solving, coping abilities and relaxation techniques.
  • Help with purpose and goal setting. Not only can psychologists help you find more meaning and purpose in your life, but also they can help you set goals that align with this. A psychologist can then track your progress keeping you accountable while helping to developing your self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Understand yourself and others better. Gaining insight into who you are and why you do the things you do and how to change or shape these behaviours can be extremely helpful for yourself. And it may even help you understand why other people are similar or dissimilar to you.
  • Psychology promotes optimal wellness. Understanding our emotional well-being promotes our physical health. By learning to manage our mental and emotional health, we can cope better with challenges that arise, implement healthy boundaries in our lives and choose habits and behaviours that cultivate a meaningful and holistic existence. By effectively managing our mental health, we can prevent stress, burnout and even chronic illness.

Seeing a psychologist means you value your mental health and you take it seriously, lucky because at Stepforth we take mental health very seriously too. It means you want to be the best version of yourself and you want to understand yourself better. Everyone can benefit from seeing a psychologist, you are worth it, you can do it and you’re not crazy. Everyone can benefit from emotional wellness in their day to day life.

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